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Vernon Salvation Army
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38 070,00 $
Objectif de collecte 35 000,00 $

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Please help fill our virtual kettle in support of The Salvation Army Christmas Campaign. The Salvation Army believes that human dignity is a fundamental right for all. When you give, you are helping support access to basic rights, such as nutritious food, health care, education and economic opportunity. And remember - your donation will help vulnerable people in your local community, at Christmas and throughout the year. By filling our virtual kettle, you can help restore hope and dignity to those in need in our community.  Thank you and God bless!
Date de l'événement
2018-09-01 00:00
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Mes Supporters (15)

Patricia Hesketh Laisser un message
30 décembre 2018 00:23
In memory of my husband Bill Hesketh and my son David Hesketh. They made a difference and cared.
J Stone Laisser un message
29 décembre 2018 16:49
Keep up the good work.
Helen Augustin Laisser un message
27 décembre 2018 15:49
A donation in honour of my friends who have been helped in times of need by food banks.
Ron Godfray Laisser un message
21 décembre 2018 14:32
Thank you for all your good work in our area.
Keith Laisser un message
21 décembre 2018 11:58
Thank you for all the great work you do! God's Blessings to you all!
Palmer Family Laisser un message
16 décembre 2018 15:29
merry christmas from Madelyn i hope you have an amazing christmas from Leah
Rick Laisser un message
14 décembre 2018 17:06
Let's fill the Kettle
Patti Laisser un message
13 décembre 2018 14:01
For the Vernon Kettle Thanks for all the good work you do.
Kari Laisser un message
13 décembre 2018 13:37
Wish we could do more.
Anon Laisser un message
08 décembre 2018 11:16
Please use donation as needed in Vernon. If possible, could a portion be sent to the effort in N.S. for the people who abruptly lost there jobs from the "Call Centre"
Paula Van Dyke Laisser un message
07 décembre 2018 21:36
In memory of Elsie Kushniruk and Dave Van Dyke.
Larry Teal & Victoria Willard Laisser un message
05 décembre 2018 19:12
In memory of William Bartz
Noreen Schultz Laisser un message
29 novembre 2018 21:16
Thank you for your continued support and dedication to those less fortunate in Vernon, BC. Very happy to assist!
henrik Laisser un message
27 novembre 2018 12:53
great work salvation army group
Margaret McCoy Laisser un message
22 novembre 2018 19:22
Thank you for the work that is being done for those needing some help in Vernon, BC